The Keymix all-round service

We know how important a fast-acting partner is in the event of machine breakdowns or annual maintenance. Best accessibility and competent handling form the foundation of our valued all-round after-sales service.

Ongoing production support

In production, time and efficiency means money. For this reason, our primary credo is to be able to view and solve any malfunctions remotely at any time, from anywhere. We are happy to ensure smooth operation and ongoing optimization of your production line.

Education & Training

In the highly chemical field, it is essential to have competent and trained employees. That’s why we take the time to train your staff in detail. Thanks to the remote maintenance, you can contact us at any time and we are able to help and answer questions based on your live data.

Quickly available spare parts & operating supplies

Since the pandemic at the latest, it has become clear how important and crucial the availability of parts and operating materials is. We help you – by means of stock and fast delivery – to maintain a smooth production.

Retrofit & Upgrade

We also offer our customers the overhaul and modernization of existing equipment. Thus, we let many a long-serving plant shine in new splendor and with the latest technology. Our service ranges from the overhaul of the entire control technology to a complete overhaul.

Contact Us

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